Elementary School

Parent Teacher Conference Reservations

This is a tutorial on how to make a Parent Teacher Conference Reservation for your child's homeroom class through the Parent Portal at ISM.

It is recommended that you use Google Chrome Browser for booking PTC's

You can download it from here: https://www.google.com/chrome/

1. Sign in to the Parent Portal

Parent Portal Website:

  1. Go to the ISM website ismanila.org
  2. Go to the Parent Portal link as shown in the image below

Parent Portal Sign In

3. Enter your Powerschool Username and Password

4. If you don't know your Username and Password you must contact the ES Office for your login credentials.

2. Choose Elementary School PTC

Elementary School

3. View Reservation or Add / Modify Reservation

Select each child to make their PTC Reservation:

1. Select your first child's name to book their reservation slot

2. Add/Modify Reservation: This option will take you to the Reservation page where you can select your preferred day and time from the available slots

3. View Reservations: View your booked reservation times.

Note: ESL Parents can view their conference times which have already been coordinated with the schedule of the student’s ESL teacher and can not be modified. If you need to change this time, please contact the ES Guidance Office ESGuidance@ismanila.org

4. Make a Reservation

Selecting a time slot

On this Reservation page:

  • If you have 2 or more children in ES, you will need to select each child's name separately to reserve their individual appointments.
  • Select "reserve/cancel" under the day you wish to attend.
  • Only available appointment times will be shown in the reserve menu.
  • Remember: You must click "Submit" to confirm your bookings.

5. PTC Reservation Confirmation Page

Confirmation Page

When the confirmation page appears you can click

Add/Modify - Allows you to change your bookings

Save PDF - Allows you to save as an electronic document

Print a copy - Allows you to print your schedule.

It is highly recommended that you bring a copy of your schedule to Parent Teacher Conferences.

A confirmation reminder email will be emailed to all parents / guardians on the 17th February.

Further Notes:

1. You cannot book a teacher twice on different days.