Elementary School

Student Led Conference Booking Information

This is a tutorial on how to make your Student Led Conference bookings for your child's homeroom class through the Parent Portal.

1. Sign in to the Parent Portal

Parent Portal

  1. Go to the ISM Parent Portal by clicking this link: https://communityext.ismanila.org/ParentPortal/Login.aspx
  2. Enter your Powerschool Username and Password
  3. If you don't know your Username and Password you can contact the ES Office for your login credentials.

2. Choose Elementary School SLC

3. Select 'Add / Modify Reservation'

Click on "Add/Modify Reservation"

This will allow you to make conference bookings and change pre-existing bookings.

4. Make a Booking (Example below)

Selecting a time slot

  • First select the your child's name from the tab at the top, it will allow you to select which sibling to book if necessary.
  • You will then select "reserve/cancel" under the day which is available for this Conference.
  • Only available appointment times will be shown in the reserve menu.
  • There may be a delay with the system if you are booking time slots for other siblings.
  • There are a maximum number of slots available for each time, please choose another time if it is full.

Remember: You must click "Submit" to confirm your bookings.

4. Confirmation Page

Confirmation Page

When the confirmation page appears you can click

Add/Modify - Allows you to change your bookings

Save PDF - Allows you to save as an electronic document

Print - Allows you to print your schedule.

It is highly recommended that you bring a copy of your schedule to the SLC.

A confirmation reminder email will be sent to all parents / guardians on Monday, April 22nd.